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Empower Dreams, Strengthen Roots and Prosper with Dedication & Endurance

We believe in sticking to the roots and growing our bond with the customers at a basic level and connect to their aspirations as our own. Their passion and interest inspires us to provide them with more and better creations.

At Ram India, we strive to provide the customers with what they want and most importantly, we encourage them to see beyond the obvious and make informed and right choice. This is one of the main reasons why our creations and our Brand stay close to their hearts and drives us to prosper with complete dedication and endurance.

What our customers say about us speaks volumes!

"My family is so happy now, in our own home where there is something for everyone. I am really grateful to Ram India for planning my home so beautifully and for giving some amenity for every family member."

Athony Philip D'mello
Sampanna Homes - Manjari Hadapsar

"Complete value for my money, that's what I got from Ram India. Not only my purchase was in my budget but it gave me unimaginable returns on my investment. As an investor I was looking for the same and thank god I finally got it."

Shyam Raj
Suzlon - Senior Manager
Sampanna Homes - Manjari Hadapsar

"Ram India has been like a lighthouse in my life. Not only my dream has come true but my entire family is now beaming with happiness. I got a great home, at a great location and at a great cost. Thank you Ram India."

Kunal Thakkur
ZS Associates - IT consultant
Sampanna Homes - Manjari Hadapsar

"Nothing fell short of our expectations."

Jaidipsingh N Rathod
Vishay Component - Customer Service
Crimson Crest – Hadapsar

"In each step of the process, they were attentive and flexible. Most importantly, the quality of the work was outstanding! We highly recommend them to anyone - you will be satisfied too!"

Mukesh P Chaudhari
IBM - Senior Software Engineer
Crimson Crest - Hadapsar

"We could not be more pleased with Ram India Group! They were professional, prompt in their communication, listened to our desires, and were timely in completing our new apartment."

Rajesh Nambiar
TIETO - Software Engineer
Crimson Crest - Hadapsar

"The cost was bit higher than we had got from other companies, but their prompt delivery and customer service made it worth it to pay a more for our Flat!"

Dr. Satishchandra Joshi
Unnati - Market Yard

"I was satisfied by the entire experience. It was professionally done, and they stuck to the date. The quality of the work was excellent."

Lalit Tiwari
Unnati - Market Yard

"As an Investor, this is my 5th apartment i have purchased from Ram India Group. We are very satisfied with the results of all the projects. If you have ever felt that a construction company could not be trusted, I can tell that our experience with Ram India Group is that you can trust this one."

Kiran Kasar
Green Divine - Hadapsar